Barbara Knežević

TOUCH TECHNE is a series of visual vignettes assembled to form a network of patterns and intensifications across eight screens. In TOUCH TECHNE affective, material and evocative relationships unfold between textural, sensual imagery. The footage has been selected to correspond to a series of taxonomies and forces of the natural world; fire, earth, air, water; animal, vegetable, mineral. This footage is edited into kaleidoscopic, hypnotic arrays that move in and out of synchronicity. It calls for a consideration of how humans represent and images the natural world, for what purpose and for whom, how these representations are commodified and traded and how they inform our relationship to the world and the other entities in it.

Touch Techne

8 channel HD video, 8 minutes duration, Footage used under license from


Barbara Knežević works in sculpture, object making and moving image utilising a complex aggregations and formations that can be more closely described as sculptural concentrations. These formations are an omnivorous selection of things acting together calling to mind familiar arrangements; film sets, photographic shoots, museum displays, retail displays and other staged arrangements of found and fabricated items. These concentrated sculptural arrangements aim to distil and amplify the qualities and affect of the objects they display, through repeating and calling attention to texture, colour, opacity, pattern or other haptic, sensual qualities. Barbara Knežević’s work explores the potential for artworks to create an effect, produce feeling, to induce wellbeing or generate emotive and pleasurable states. Her sculptural concentrations produce relayed intra-relations between artworks and viewer and propose the potential of artworks as zones for radical joyfulness and bodily pleasure, as ways to imagine worlds and reconsider ways of being.

Barbara Knežević is an artist and educator living and working in Dublin. Her work has been shown internationally in museums, public and private galleries. Recent exhibitions include Immurement, STATION Gallery Melbourne; Lithophone, Oonagh Young Gallery, Dublin; The Last Thing on Earth, MAC, Belfast; Exquisite Tempo Sector, Temple Bar Gallery + Studios, Dublin; City Agents, EKKM, Tallinn; Gallery Augusta, Helsinki. Her work features in collections such as the Irish Museum of Modern Art and the Arts Council of Ireland. In 2021 she will present a major solo exhibition at the Royal Hibernian Academy in Dublin.

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