Coilin O'Connell, Michelle Doyle, Eva Richardson McCrea

How will you look after me? looks at assembly diagrams from Braun and Oral-B objects made throughout its history, including electric toothbrushes, Ladyshaves and other personal care products. Taking these diagrams and the context of the Braun factory floor as a starting point, these floor pieces draw on Donna Haraway’s Cyborg Manifesto and anime films Akira and Ghost in The Shell, creating amalgamate diagrams and drawings from dis- and re-assembled objects, artefacts and texts. Consumer objects produced in the factory act as cyborg-like bodily appendages, processing information and producing knowledge. A ‘cross section’ collage is created that utilises the Braun diagrams to create a Frankenstein-like patchwork of free association. New objects, robots and cyborgs emerge out of disassembled parts. The assemblages incorporate the colours of the existing floor tape traffic lines in the space, which brought workers from station to station. Utilising these colours into the designs, the pieces reflect the way the workers moved throughout the space and interacted with one another. The pieces can be walked on, danced on, played on and sat on.

How Will You Look After Me?

Vinyl Floorprint


Cóilín O’Connell is a multimedia artist who uses documentation, archives and publishing as a method for creating (science) fictions, garden-variety mythologies and subjective representations. Brass Neck Press is a small press that publishes artists' zines; the press is operated and edited by O’Connell.
Michelle Doyle is an artist and musician based in Ireland, working through sound, performance, set design and moving image. Her work is concerned with subculture, politics, technology, freedom and communities. She uses automatic writing as part of her practice; including collected data, manifestos and other written ephemera in order to create confrontational spoken performances. Doyle performs with the sound group ‘The Healers’ and solo as ‘Rising Damp’. Doyle is a resident artist in Fire Station Studios in Dublin and is supported by the Arts Council of Ireland.

Eva George Richardson McCrea is an Irish artist working primarily in moving image. Recent and upcoming exhibitions include Table Games, FONDA, Leipzig with Nina Nadig, curated by Johanna Weis (forthcoming 2021), Chasers, Brightening Air (forthcoming 2021), Riddles of the Stones, CCA, Glasgow (2020). Richardson McCrea is supported by the Arts Council of Ireland.

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