George Bolster

In this film, Margaret Race discusses her role as planetary protector for Earth at NASA and the importance of her mentor Astronaut Scott Carpenter to her career in science. This talking-head-style film is from a series on the importance of mentorship. Bolster splices together the artificiality of the green screen technique heavily associated with science fiction with a deconstructed documentary form. The piece features dissociative images of aerodynamic testing at NASA and the Allan Telescope Array of Radio Telescopes in Hat Creek, California to create a sense of disorientation between what we accept as real or fictional in representational terms. He then fuses this with the bewildering facts revealed by the interviewees, sometimes staff from NASA and SETI (The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute).

Mentor 1: Planetary Protector Margaret Race (2019)

4k Digital Video

Irish multidisciplinary artist George Bolster lives and works in NYC. He is represented by Ulterior Gallery in New York and has exhibited in numerous museums and galleries in Europe, America, Korea and Canada. Recent solo exhibitions include Tearing at the Fabric of Your Reality, Ulterior Gallery, New York; You Are Made of Stardust, Solstice Arts Centre, Navan; Tatooine: Sci-Fi Becoming Fact, Sirius Arts Centre, Cork; Towards A Universal Sublime, Bratislava (2018). Recent group exhibitions include RHA 190, Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin; Traveling to the End, MMCA, Seoul (2019); Music + Maker, Solstice Arts Centre, Navan (2019); In The Future, Collyer Bristow Gallery, London (2018); Making Contact: SETI Artists in Residence, New Museum Los Gatos, California (2016). Bolster is the recipient of residencies including Centre Culturel Irlandais, Paris (2019); Elizabeth Foundation for The Arts, New York (2017) and SETI Institute, Mountain View, California (2016-17).

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