Ida Mitrani

“My artistic concerns and interests are influenced by concepts and theories of plant culture in the current environmental crisis. This includes plant blindness, post-naturalism and hybrid material. The creative process explores the relationship and interaction between humans, plants, and technology. It also looks at the function and meaning of weeds in today’s society.

“By bringing the viewer’s focus to the vegetal world in an evocative, thoughtful way, I examine the symbiosis and conflict between man and nature while making the familiar more visible. My aim is to capture a memory of the present era using an environment of textures that reflects the diversity and adaptability of life. It contemplates a new understanding of a ‘clean landscape’, where plastic is incorporated in nature.”

– Artist Statement by Ida Mitrani.

Multiple Artworks

Digital print - edited images of human body parts combined with plant life forms and plastic


Masters in Art and Process - Crawford Art College - 2020.
Selected Group Exhibitions including; Lexicon Gallery, Cross Gallery, Temple Bar Gallery and Studios, Oonagh Young Gallery, Talbot Gallery and Studios, Complex Gallery, Monster Truck Gallery, Hive gallery (L.A), Brelinger Cultural Center (Germany). Public Collections; National Library of Ireland, National Archives of Ireland, Arts Office Dun Laoghaire/Rathdown.Publications; Dublin Culture Connects, ‘Around the Table’ - 2017 Dublin City Council. Éireannach – Celebrating Native Plants of Ireland - 2018 Irish Society of Botanical Artists.

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