Jenn Kirby

Women's contributions are often written out of history. There have been many great texts and initiatives to address this, highlighting hidden and lost histories. However, this can never be comprehensive. What brings me comfort is in knowing that the contribution of women at Braun, and in the computers and machines they made is not lost. Their legacy is inherited and passed on, even if unknowingly. Despite the lack of documentation, it is lived through people, families and friends. A key theme in my work is women's voices, and how technology might be influencing how we listen to these voices. This work, through an octophonic speaker array, explores the potential implications of women's voices being used for AI systems, which are often not designed by women. The woman is in the machine, but the woman is not the machine. In the piece, the voice of the woman is altered by technology throughout, and the same phrase is often repeated to allow the listener to observe how technology might influence the meaning they derive from the words. The sound world suggests how the building could have sounded, some sounds of items that would have been made there are used and processed.

I Love You


Jenn Kirby is a composer, performer and music technologist. Her output includes contemporary instrumental composition, electroacoustic music, sound art, noise music, experimental-pop, laptop orchestra performance and solo live electronics. Jenn is very active in the performance of electronic music as a performer and a software developer. She designs performance systems, making use of games controllers and sensors to create and perform theatrical live electronic music.

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