Jennifer Moore

Operating at the node between technological reality and speculative fiction, ethereal bedroom-pop and monolithic electronics is transformed into uncanny soundscapes to explore a landscape of a future global economy. Moore’s imagination conjures a new order of global governance which uses data to assess the competencies, characteristics and production capacity of its citizens. Predictive analytics are used to shuttle humans around the globe in a tightly choreographed dance of space, labour and capital.

Spanning a perspective both personal and systemic, the Dublin-based artist guides the listener through her sober invention, anchoring its alienating events around simple longings for home. Future Lights and Archetypes are post-extraction artefacts. Through its diary entries, radio clippings, and fragmented songs, the mini-album resembles an object hewn from a fully-realised world, like an Ursula K. Le Guin novel refracted through machine learning. This body of music work melds intimacy with pulsating stimuli, Moore’s gaze oriented firmly towards the human cost of an omniscient technological future.

Future Lights and Archetypes



Jennifer Moore is a multi-disciplinary artist working with sound, performance, music and writing. She is interested in relationships between bodies – the way all bodies, human and non-human are inter-connected, situated within a constellation of ever-shifting global relations, past and present. She works predominantly through the materials of sound and space and increasingly through processes of collaborative and socially-engaged practice. Her sound and music practice incorporates electroacoustic production, using everyday implements, voice and electronic composition as well as field recordings and archival radio documentation. Originating from Dublin, her practice has been informed and supported by its DIY music communities and spaces over the past number of years. Jennifer has worked in collaborative art projects including monthly community newsletters, radio shows, public interventions, exhibitions, publications, music and sound production and performance.

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