Kate Butler

In 1974, the year that the Braun building arrived on the Carlow landscape like the monolith, was the same year that Kraftwerk released Autobahn. Carrying a history of dance music in her record bag, Kate Butler brings sonic futurism to this vibrating German industrial setting.

A DJ with Dublin Digital Radio (ddr), Kate is also a writer who is researching the poorly documented story of women dance music producers in the 1980s and 1990s. She plays music from this formative era – techno from Detroit, rave and jungle from the UK, classic cuts from Ireland – mixed with the global experimental dance music of today.

Sweeping through this selection is music from the intense proliferation of women and gender minority producers in recent years. Remarkably free of sentimentality and nostalgia, this is music that uses aesthetic grandeur to banish cynicism. These are compositions that want to communicate with your bones, sending vibrations with the bass, with coded messages of freedom.

The Woman in the Machine Mix

DJ Mix


Kate Butler is a DJ and writer. The aesthetic and buzz of community clubbing is the main source of inspiration for her work. In the late 1990s and early 2000s in Dublin, she was playing records, broadcasting on pirate station Power FM and writing about the local electronic music scene for national newspapers. In 2017, she started a monthly show on Dublin Digital Radio (ddr.), digging into the rave era records that got her hooked in the first place – techno, jungle/dnb, UK hardcore – and finding a new groove in the disorientating futurism of footwork. In 2018/19, she played at Rabble, Open Ear, Back Story, Out Out and with the Gash Collective, while her recent publications include a history essay on D1 Recordings (1994- ) and an article/mix about Dublin nightclub, the Funnel (1997-99). She has collaborated with author/architect Owen O'Doherty (Bright Sparks, O'Brien Press) and the Irish Architecture Foundation to highlight inventions and pioneering electronic music by women (International Literary Festival Dublin and Body & Soul Festival, 2019). She also scheduled a series of talks about community and music at the Comfort Carnival at the 2019 Fringe Festival. On International Women’s Day 2021, Butler moderated a panel discussion following the screening of Lisa Rovner’s film, Sisters With Transistors. Kate is currently researching a book on why there are so few women pop producers in the charts.

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