Kate Fahey

“I am an artist and researcher interested in forms of knowledge production that intersect with scientific logic, specifically how images and the technologies through which we encounter them mediate the ways we understand the world around us. I work across a range of media; moving image, sound, writing, sculpture, print, and digital-aided making. My practice is also influenced by my background as a radiographer, particularly the relationship between the scanned body and the technologies of image capture. Through embodied approaches to moving image (screen capture, animated text, voiceover) and sculptural practice, I investigate how bodily materiality and the agency of glitches, miscommunications, fictions and errors interrupt scientific meaning-making and calculative logic.

“I could feel that my eyes were open... explores the concept of the stutter (understood as a speculative human glitch) as a mode of reconfiguring systems of control and ideologies of seamless interaction between humans and technology. The work was produced with the guidance of a speech and language therapist. The video, sonic accompaniment and sculptural element (titled Feelers) are based on a glitchy Skype conversation, ideas around grasping for communication and the stutter as a productive mode of disruption – the marker of an unruly body, interruption and pause. The work draws on feminist reclamations of leaky bodies in the context of digital and calculative visualisation processes.”

– Artist statement by Kate Fahey

I could feel that my eyes were open...

Multichannel moving-image with multichannel sound (5:10) and sculptural element (copper, resin, silicon), 2017-2019.


Kate Fahey, (b. Kilkenny, Ireland) is an artist working with print, sculpture, moving image and installation. She is a graduate of the Royal College of Art, and in 2020 she completed her practice-based PhD at the University of the Arts London, supported by an Arts and Humanities Research Council Studentship. She has exhibited her work nationally and internationally including at the Bomb Factory Art Foundation, London (2019), Holden Visual Arts Center, North Carolina (2018), Leitrim Sculpture Centre (2018), Guest Projects, London (2017), the British School at Rome (2017), and the Bluecoat, Liverpool (2017). Upcoming exhibitions include Gut Feeling (three-person) at Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam (2021), blubbing (solo) at Commonage, London (2021), -em-bracing (three-person) at The LAB Gallery, Dublin (2022). She is the 2020–21 recipient of the New Contemporaries Studio Bursary with SPACE Art & Technology.

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