Liliane Puthod

Sign Age appears as an amber-red glowing scribble on the wall. The soft red tone comes from the natural colour of the neon gas constantly flowing in the curved glass tube of the sculpture, bringing a muted radical change of atmosphere when walking around the exhibition space. The inherent qualities of this noble gas create tension between its appealing soft radiation, recalling nightclubs or shop signs in the cityscape, its function as an indicator within an environment and its potential lethal conditions for the human being.

Cool Death (Greetings) is a self-contained sculpture in which human scale and industrial materials refer to cold storage appliances combined with the aesthetic of a backlit advertising display case. On one side of the large sculpture, one can read the word 'greetings' painted by a trembling hand on a bare postcard held with a magnet in the shape of a ripe banana slice. This soft-lit sarcophagus sculpture manifests itself in the space as an improbable time machine along with the quality of a surreal pop vending machine emphasising the haunting obsolescence of everyday objects and merchandise.

Good Times is a wall sound sculpture made from sculpted wax along with a speaker from which is playing the stretched and disrupted chorus extracted from the original and famous disco song Good Times by Chic. Drawing from the frequent presence of background music when stepping into a store, the significantly altered chorus generates an arrhythmic sense of spatiality, questioning our working environment as well as reflecting on how obsolete technologies can unconsciously affect people on an everyday basis.

Mind Your Head references signs used to control circulation and access in public and workspaces. These sculptural placeholders become ornaments before returning to the role of the signifier in the context of the exhibition. Modelled by hand then cast in bronze as one continuous curved line, the reading of the words is intentionally cryptic thereby distancing the reader from their immediate and inherent meaning. Drawing from carved kerbstones and archaeological symbols, these linear objects stand as puzzling signs constantly shifting between abstract forms and intelligible information. Mind Your Head is part of a series of four sculptures, including 'Staff Only', 'Exit', 'No Entry’.

Liliane Puthod’s sculptural practice addresses issues of standardisation and its perceived value within our globalised world to further explore the elusive concept of time inherent to materials and individuals. Drawing on theories about use-value, exchange-value, and commodities she investigates the relationship between function, labour and temporality within an artistic and workspace environment. Focusing on the politics, economy and geography intrinsic to contemporary modes of production and communications, in contrast with singularly-made repetitive objects, she creates a-temporal things: time packages questioning their own provenance or destination, and therefore, generate their own archaeological state within the contemporary.````````

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Liliane Puthod (b. 1986, France) makes large-scale installations and sculptures using both handmade and industrial materials as a way to confront archaeological and commodified times. She manipulates some of society’s existing modes of production and dissemination to investigate the elusive concept of time inherent to everyday life’s consumption and to subtly destabilise what she considers the fabrication of desire and its perceived value within our globalised world.

Liliane Puthod lives and works in Dublin. She graduated with a Master in Fine Arts at HEAD Geneva in 2013. Selected exhibitions include Dissolving Histories: An Unreliable Presence, Golden Thread Gallery (2020); Display, Link and Cure, The Complex (2019); How Long After Best Before, Pallas Projects/Studios (2019); Everything Must Go, PS2, Belfast (2019). Awards include Project Studio, Temple Bar Gallery & Studios; Arts Council of Ireland Visual Arts Bursary; Summer Studio Residency, TUD, Dublin; Fonds Cantonal d’Art Contemporain (FCAC) Geneva; Sculpture Award, FireStation Artists Studios.

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