Linda McCann

“This is a painting of my own son playing video games. He is away in a technological, imaginary place with his headphones on and cannot hear me. Video games are his space where he can get lost for hours shouting out loud, talking to people who aren’t there.

“What interests me is the ‘hand made’ and the haptic, the knowledge you have in your hands through the sense of touch. My practice is concerned with making through the mediums of paint, collage or textiles. Painting, for me, is a physical thinking process guided by colour and materials, a series of problems and questions. I am excited by everyday observations and what is around me and how it can be translated through materials. Painting is an intuitive process that starts with drawing and is built with washes of colour and layers of paint. It is my space where I get lost for hours talking inside my own head.”

– Artist Statement by Linda McCann.



Linda McCann was born in Jersey, Channel Islands and now lives in Dublin. She graduated in 2020 from the National College of Art and Design with a 1st Class Honours Degree in Fine Art Painting. She was awarded Fine Art Student of the Year and the National Universities of Ireland Award for Art & Design. Her work featured in the Irish Arts Review Autumn Edition feature ‘New Graduates’. Her work was selected for the RHA Annual Exhibition 2019 and Dunamaise Arts Centre Exhibition 2019. Linda uses a variety of mediums in her work including ink, acrylic, oil, spray paint and collage. She is interested in making and the handmade, the haptic and the exploration of materials, primarily using paint and textiles as her mediums.

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