Seve Feathers

A performer, in an eerie alternate universe, applies powdered chalk on her skin and starts moving. Circus and dance are redefined in a search for the mesmeric and uncompromised truths and intentions of the body. In a whirlwind of compelling and striking imagery, through silhouettes, shadows and singing voice, the performer connects with the audience in a pact of rawness anchored in the ephemeral, absurd and cyclical. The echoes, trails and traces of the human experience. Seve used part of her work Fleeting in the creation of the film 72 Hour Lost Weekend.

Fleeting (Excerpt)

Circus and Dance

Seve Feathers is a Dublin-based image-maker using circus (hand balancing) and embodiment to make the invisible tangible. As an emerging and award-winning performing artist and director, Seve creates non-verbal striking imagery of a poetic nature concerning existential or societal and psychological topics intending to provoke thoughts and share a journey with the audience. She seeks openness and authenticity on stage as she is struck by the cathartic, projective and transformative power of genuine vulnerability for the audience and the performer alike. As a maker, Seve looks at the circus body from a broad artistic, expressive and conceptual perspective, using its niche skill set in combination with dance to create performances with minimalistic sets, a very personal movement vocabulary and style characterised by musicality, detailed fluidity, conceptual layers and embodiment. Recently Seve created “Dis-oscillate”, a short dance movie commissioned by the National Circus Festival of Ireland 2020. Seve has received the Ignition Residency 2020 and the Circus Project Award 2021 to create the show “Fleeting”, focusing on new meaningful dialogues between circus and dance.

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