Carla Rod & Chancleta

Carla Rod & Chancleta. Two skates, two styles. Brought together in harmony, mixing classy figures, electric moves and bold jumps for the audience to enjoy. Carla’s style has been defined by a classic figure skating background from an early age. Chancleta has set up her vibe from an urban stage in her teenage years. Combining their passion and creativity, this collaboration is unstoppably energetic.




Carla & Chancleta are a fusion of elegance and wilderness - they create energetic roller skating performances full of joy. Carla has been rolling for over 20 years. She performs Figure Skating, Jam Skating & Dancing, Roller Derby, Skatepark and Street Skating. She has also been a skills coach for Dublin Roller Derby for the past 4 years and a Figure Skating trainer. She's been a DRD A Team player for 5 years and played for Team Argentina in the 2014 and 2018 Roller Derby World Cups. Some of her signature moves are endless spins, 360 jumps and flexibility figures. Recently, Carla collaborated on While Waiting’ , a film created at IMMA.

Chancleta has a background in Skateboarding and Acrobatics. She has over 10 years experience on Freestyle Skating, Roller Derby, Street and Skatepark Skating. Chancleta has been a DRD A Team player for the past 4 years, awarded MVP on several occasions. Her signature moves are speed jumps, sharp hockey stops and backwards 360 loops.

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