Tara McGinn

Residue Project is a moving image work comprised of found and collected video that explores our fragmented digital experiences. It was developed during the Digital Artist Studios Graduate Residency, awarded to the artist in 2019 for their degree show at the Belfast School of Art. It is an experimental collage of recordings from multiple devices, exploring perceptions of the supernatural within computerised communication systems. The artist became interested in contemplating the future of personal archives from a time of accelerated dependency on machines. The theme developed from an idea of discovering a diary or photo album in the form of a memory card or computer hard drive. The work became a fictional narrative about discovering ghosts, revisiting trauma, and technological hauntings through the lens of lost and recovered pieces of digitised memory.

Residue Project

Moving Image


Tara McGinn is an emerging visual artist and art writer based between Belfast, Northern Ireland and Enniscorthy in the Republic of Ireland. Her practice examines connections between multiple forms of language that operate within the cultural significance of objects and images. She explores the materials in her studio, informed by her surroundings, through research and reflective writing where she deconstructs notions of definition, metaphor and mythology. Her work develops across a variety of lens-based and sculptural media, with outcomes informed by the corresponding abstract and tangible elements through frameworks of narrative and fiction. McGinn graduated from the Wexford Campus School of Art and Design with an honours degree in Fine Art in 2015 and subsequently graduated with an MFA in Fine Art Practice from the Belfast School of Art in 2019. She is currently a Catalyst Arts Gallery Co-Director, an Arcade Studios member and also works from her family home in Wexford.

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