Tumble Circus

Crow is an aerial silk act inspired by Mikael Wiehe's Flickan och Kråkan, about a girl who rushes to a vet with a wounded crow that was stuck high up in a tree.

Tumble Circus is based in Belfast and is normally run from caravans, hotel rooms and a Ford Transit van. We have toured extensively throughout Ireland, Europe and worldwide. Founded in 1998 by Ken Fanning and Tina Segner, Tumble Circus is a pioneering, professional circus company creating extraordinary, Belfast-inspired circus. We combine circus skills, comedy and social commentary to make people laugh, react and act.

Ireland’s first and only non-traditional big top touring circus, we also have a 20-year history of innovation in outdoor
performance. Our work is highly skilled and all-human, pushing the boundaries of possibility, and is accessible to all.
With an extensive track record and national and international reputation, we are known for creating award-winning work.

Our vision of the world is one filled with joy and laughter, where people are inspired to push the boundaries of their own limits and follow their dreams.




Tina Segner was brought up in and quickly became bored of the comfortable picturesque university town of Lund, Sweden. With nothing to look forward to but a horse, homework and the promise of a pleasant grave in utopia suburbia, she would spend every night dreaming of living a life less ordinary. She took the wrong turn at a junction and ended up in Belfast, N. Ireland, but has never looked back. She is the co-founder of Tumble Circus, a pioneering professional company creating extraordinary, revolutionary Belfast inspired circus. Tumble Circus combine circus skills, comedy and social commentary to make people laugh, react and act. Tina performs at the highest level across a range of skills honed by many years of hard work and training. She is an aerialist, acrobat, juggler and hula-hoop specialist and has performed nationally and internationally from fields in Sligo to deserts in Australia.

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